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SSL/TLS Everywhere Presentation at the Olympia Hilton

P&C Communications, Thales UK and F5 gave an SSL/TLS Everywhere Presentation at the Olympia Hilton, London on the 3rd June 2015.

We presented the changes to the Government Protective Marking scheme, the demise of CESG Impact Levels, CPA IPSec opportunities and how all “OFFICIAL” Data must be protected by controls based on Commercial Best Practice

It was pointed out that secure online systems in government departments and other secure areas are rapidly expanding. Both the organisation employees and members of the general public are increasingly using government web portals which must be securely protected and SSL/TLS  is a vital tool to achieve this.

However, SSL/TLS data traffic typically requires more computing resource which will significantly impact on the efficiency of the network.

To address these issues above we discussed how:

F5 Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) optimise SSL / TLS traffic to provide effective and efficient use of data center resources to ensure that the appropriate procedures and controls are applied, complete with comprehensive

reporting to provide an audit trail.

Integration with Thales e-Security Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) ensures that:

  • Sensitive data traversing the network is properly encrypted and secured from unauthorised users.
  • Vital keys are managed securely in a fully-compliant manner to a high standard which is FIPS 140-2 Level 3

With all three companies working together we can provide the Official Marking users with an end to end secure solution which extends from the user through to storage using FIPS 140 level 3.

As a valued potential customer we would be delighted to discuss this further,

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