Data Comms & Infrastructure

Historically, our business has been built around data communications providing us with a pedigree for the provision of cost effective and reliable solutions.

We are constantly reviewing and testing the latest technology in our laboratories so we can provide:

Cabling and Fibre

Collaboration with our experienced team of cabling engineers can provide you with a structured cabling solution, implemented and supported anywhere in the UK. In addition to this, our experience with fibre topologies allows us to implement different grades of fibre to meet the requirements of both internal and external solutions.

Service Provider Services

P&C Communications Ltd work with major tier 1 service providers throughout the UK and worldwide to provide cost effective connectivity and Internet Services. We will review requirements and provide Wide Area Networks (WAN) solutions which may include MPLS, IPVPN and Internet connectivity.

Local Area Networking (LAN)

Advances in technology, mean that LAN solutions are now becoming more complex due to routing, quality of Service and segmentation of traffic through tagging. This means that infrastructures need to be considered for this type of traffic on the LAN infrastructure.

Wide Area Networking (WAN)

Working with service providers, enable us to deliver the next generation of network, allowing connectivity of offices, branches and remote sites. Advances in router technology, means that we can provide cost effective connectivity for business continuity and quality of service.


Wireless fits into most business infrastructures and it is expected that a secure, reliable infrastructure is provided alongside a wired network. Solutions can be LAN or WAN based with varying speeds and distances depending upon requirements. P&C Communications can provide a host of services from planning, design, implementation and support.

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