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Cost effective 4G for Disaster Recovery (DR) & additional Internet connectivity

Cost effective 4g for extra bandwidth, disaster recovery & network back up. Over the last few months, we have seen an increase in customers who require additional Internet bandwidth or an effective Disaster Recovery (DR) or backup solution for their sites.
We offer O2 or EE services for two uses:

  • Additional Internet Bandwidth using 4G with typical speeds of 20Mbps download  and 10Mbps upload.
  • A secondary backup solution, or as part of a DR plan.

A problem with 4G has been the expense that is associated with using it over its data allowance. Backup and redundancy is an ideal use for 4G, however, data plans have historically been inflexible in terms of costs and usage of their data allowance.

The solution

We have a flexible monthly tiered solution that starts from 30Gig –125Gig. At the start of each month the cost of the plan resets itself to zero, then at the end of the month you’re charged for the appropriate tier to match your usage, making sure that you are only charged for the data that you use and aren’t locked into an inappropriate package with an unnecessary data allowance for most months.

For DR and backup, our solution provides a low cost monthly sim with a  1 Gig allowance that is available in the event of a problem. If this SIM’s allowance is used, we can add extra data allowances as they are required, enabling a smarter solution that manages costs that are dependent on how long the 4G is used.

These are business tariffs that include a public IP address and are  fully manageable in terms of data allowance and cost control.

Monthly payments can be made via Direct Debit for convenience. We will shortly provide Case Studies of some solutions that have been installed during 2018.
As well as this, P&C Communications are working on, and reviewing, the next generation of 5G solutions that are just around the corner.

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