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Launched: comparison site of connectivity options for business networks

Connectivity Expert a comparison site for wired and wireless network connectivity services

We're proud to announce a new web project that compares connectivity options across wired and wireless networks for a business premises using its postcode. Our search engine (Connectivity Expert) has been in development for some months now and has been launched today.

Connectivity Expert gives you a snapshot of the current wired and wireless capabilities at your business premises, including copper and broadband services, as well as fibre and 4G.

Why did we develop connectivity expert?

An over-crowded business connectivity market has been driving prices down for almost a decade, starting with the prices of ethernet (leased lines), and more recently 4G data plans.

Although the effects of these market conditions are great for lower business costs for you, we also found the sheer noise of choice to be confusing for the businesses that we've been in contact with.

We developed connectivity expert to reduce the noise produced by all of this choice and return the best possible results that inform IT managers of the best value options across wired and wireless networks.

How does our business connectivity search engine work?

Connectivity expert uses API calls based on the location of your premises. Then, it organises the results to produce a clear snapshot of the current wired and wireless capabilities of your premises alongside the lowest market prices available.

Connectivity expert searches a huge amount of wired and wireless services to yield the best results to inform you of your current options at any given business location.

"Most importantly, we're impartial and always will be. If the search engine yields results that an IT manager wants to discuss, then all they need to do is enquire through the site and we'll contact them within a few working days to discuss their requirements and their connectivity choice in detail" adds Paul S Cochrane (Technical Director at P&C Communications).

Visit Connectivity Expert to easily check the network connectivity capabilities of your business premises now.

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