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Watchguard TDR Cyber Security

Watchguard TDR (Threat Detection and Response) 

You are probably aware of the increasing threat to your business from online threats and from content that is accessed by your staff over your network, but how do you get the full picture of what's happening and ensure you have full real-time control? TDR, Threat Detection and Response by Watchguard provides all of the reassurance you need in one simply integrated package.

Now you can see and manage your potential threat points across your whole network and connected devices, all in real-time, at any time and from any place. Watchguard TDR elevates your protection far in advance of your standard anti-virus packages, which can still leave gaps of attack in your network. 

Watchguard TDR can be applied to any SME business, operating in any sector and with any size and complexity of network. Quick and easy to plug-in and set up, you can be protecting your business immediately and the cyber protection is fully future-proof and scalable to your growing business.

P&C Communications are WatchguardONE Silver partners - Your assurance of quality service

As a Watchguard Silver partner, we have achieved the necessary standard of technical and customer service excllence, so we are ideally placed to advise and assist on your purchase and provide exceptional sales and aftercare long after your initial enquiry. At P&C Communications, we are fully committed to exceeding your expectations and making your application of Watchguard TDR both seamless and without any disruption to your business.


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Find out what makes Watchguard TDR the ideal protection for your business, protecting you now and for any future threats to your data and security. Our informative datasheet has more in-depth information on the features and benefits of the solution.







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