Malware Analysis - Exposing the Enemy Within

Malware Analysis - Exposing the Enemy Within

Malware Analysis

Malware analysis is the process by which cyber-security experts examine malicious software present inside a computer system. The malware is broken up to its components in order to examine its behaviour.

Static malware analysis

This involves the inspection of the Malware and then disassembly of the malware which then enables some reverse-engineering

Dynamic malware analysis

The malware is studied while it is running.

The purpose is Identify the whole purpose and scope of the malware infection.  Decisions can then be made to determine if the malware was part of a bespoke, targeted attack, focused on data stealing, keystroke logging and password theft, or allowing remote attackers to connect to a system.

From the study the following can be put in place:

  • Efficient incident response strategies
  • Strengthen cyber-defence measures
  • Gather valuable cyber threat intelligence.

Assessment and reporting

All work will be completed by qualified engineers with experience of dealing with and analysing Malware who Understand the capabilities of the malicious software running through your system and understand its behaviour and intended aims.

Following the results of the analysis an easy-to-follow report to support you in making the correct business decisions and the way forward.


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