Commercial Security

With the escalation of online threats in recent years, the vulnerability of commercial assets has been highlighted in the media and with many high-profile data breaches and security breaches. It is now imperative that businesses adopt robust commercial security provision and plug any potential gaps in their online or informational assets.

P&C Communications provide a full suite of commercial security solutions and with our in-depth expertise, we can assist in either the planning or implementation stages onwards.

Consider the following:

  • Commercial security is now far more than just firewalling and antivirus.

  • Some high-grade security networks were being downgraded and commercial security was becoming more acceptable.

  • Legislation through GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and increased fines are on the horizon in 2018 for businesses that are breached.

  • Major threat is internal which requires investigation and a cost-effective solution put in place as many services and tools are very expensive.

  • We are constantly reviewing security solutions and options available to existing and potential customers are working around core security, perimeter / edge, reporting and services.

1. Core Security (Crown Jewels)

We are continuing our research and development in this area as these solutions are currently at Enterprise Level with high costs and triangulation redundancy. Please see Vormetric under Enterprise Security (Link) and we are investigating options for medium size business and budgets. Protecting the “Crown Jewels” will become necessary as GDPR legislation and future policies take hold.

2. Intrusion Detection and Prevention Services

There are dedicated system solutions, but the Next Generation of Firewall solutions are able to sit on the perimeter of the network and provide this functionality with solutions like TDR (Threat Detection & Response). In the case of WatchGuard, they have integrated Hawkeye G into their solutions.

3. Analysis and Reporting

Reporting on solutions implemented are essential to provide an overview of what’s happening on the infrastructure, areas that need investigation and information that can be presented to the business at various levels.

4. Services

In the event of problems, testing or advice we are partnered with PGI Cyber who have expertise to help with Cyber from GCHQ, police and other organisations concerned around security, See our Cyber Services page.


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