CareTech new office telephony.

P&C have been supporting Park Foster Care for almost 10 years, as we installed a Nortel telephone system into their offices when they moved in 2007.

The Nortel telephone system was still supported by P&C but was end of life and additional expansion was no longer available.

Park Foster Care have moved into a new office space along with other companies that are part of the CareTech group.

The office move meant that a new telephony solution was required that allowed each company in the office space to have an integrated telephone system whilst still allowing each company to have their own contact numbers.

A new IP System was installed by P&C Communications engineers. The system meets all the current requirements whilst allowing for expansion, and the use of SIP telephony. P&C provided the Telephone System, the Handsets and the POE switches and are providing ongoing support for the system.

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